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RSP Guarantee
You will be thrilled with your images, not just satisfied. If the beauty of your portraits does not capture your heart, we will do whatever is necessary to make it so or refund every penny of your creation fee, no questions asked and no hard feelings. You deserve the best and we are committed to creating it for you.


The River Street Garden Studio opened in 1992 in Cashmere.  The grounds are designed with constantly changing portrait locations as the seasons change, plus an indoor state-of-the-art studio.  Even so, we are usually on location at a place chosen our clients – their home, cabin, by the river, or other special location.   We plan every session to give our clients a unique blend of photographic service and creativity, with the goal of exceeding their expectations!

It’s our guarantee!

Studio Hours: By Appointment.

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   Michael & Mary Thresher – Two Artists, One Passion

Michael and Mary’s passion and expertise is in creating and producing fine photographic portraits.  We have invested our lives in perfecting the ability to perform this creative magic for 1000’s of clients.

Michael Thresher FP, CPP

As a youngster, I remember camping under the bed covers with my grandmother's brownie box camera poking out. Even though I had no film, I could play with the controls to see how it worked. Later I took over the bathroom for hours (in a 1 bathroom house!) as I set up the enlarger on the toilet and used the tub for my chemical trays. In high school, a buddy and I built the first full-color lab service in the Wenatchee valley, and after graduation, I left the valley for Southern Illinois U to attain a Bachelor of Photographic Science Degree.

I truly believe that the ability of a professional photographer is directly related to the quality of their education. I'm not "self taught" and continue a rigorous program of education, both teaching and attending schools.

Accomplishments include attaining the Fellow of Photography Degree - acheiving certification (CPP) - Past President of the Professional Photographers of Washington - Awarded the Distinguished Service Award, the PPA National Award and the Fuji Award for Photographic Excellence.

Mary Thresher, AFP
Mary has been immersed in fine art, both in college and from following a personal regimen of advanced education. She has studied with many nationally recognized artists and photographers. Her abilities follow a wide range of artistic interests in painting and needle-art. Mary's trained eye can bring beauty to any artistic endeavor, especially the incredible Fusion Paintings of pets and children. Mary has received Associate Fellow of Photography Degree (AFP) and loves to bring her talent to every River Street client.
When you become our client, you can be assured of receiving uncompromising service, vision and beautiful, personalized home decor. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with portraits that your friends find inspiring and you family finds renewing. They are purposely designed to become a focal point of family value - showing to the world that which is the most important to you with elegance and style.

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Michael Thresher is the first Certified Professional Photographer in the Wenatchee Valley. Click the emblem above to see why that's so important to you.

What People Say:


“Our portrait on the wall in my home is a reflection of our life – a great memory of our 50th anniversary. We had a fun time, and Michael made those who were nervous at ease.” 

Judy & Gary Grams, Cashmere