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You will be thrilled with your images, not just satisfied. If the beauty of your portraits does not capture your heart, we will do whatever is necessary to make it so or refund every penny of your creation fee, no questions asked and no hard feelings. You deserve the best and we are committed to creating it for you.
How To Have The Most Romantic and Stress Free Wedding Ever!

Six Critical Questions to Ask Your Photographer

Dear Bride To Be,
Congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding! If you’re in the planning stages, this page might save you a lot of wedding grief.  It is the result of 2 photographers who have participated in hundred’s of weddings, and how you can almost guarantee that you will have a fun and romantic wedding day – full of love, emotion and beauty with no stress!

I am Michael Thresher and together with my wife Mary, we have professionally photographed over 1000 weddings.  Before I reveal the 6 Questions to ask your photographer, let me share a very personal story with you.

Wedding photography has been part of my life since I was 16. (That’s over 40 years ago, YIKES!) Today my wife Mary and I operate River Street Photography in Cashmere, which is a very busy portrait studio.  These days we rarely photograph weddings, even though we really enjoy them!  They are thrilling events, filled with love, emotion and romance, or at least that’s the way they are supposed to be!

You see, typical wedding photographers either think all they need to do is take a thousand shots of anything that moves, or they want to be Wedding Director, constantly in your face taking you here and there to “get that shot!”.  But that’s not it at all – your wedding day should be one of the most enjoyable days of your life. And this might surprise you, but how you approach your wedding photography is critical to the success of your whole day!

Why My Real Life Experience is the Best Thing that Ever Happened for YOU!

Abe AudraConfession:  In the early years as a wedding photographer, I had a very shallow view of weddings and thought that I just needed to be proficient with a camera and lights and with a little creativity, just get my list of shots.

Then one day, low and behold, Mary said “yes” and I found myself on the other side of the camera! Our wedding experience revealed some secrets that only a wedding photographer getting married could discover.  There was way more to it than just taking pictures!

You see, I’m a romantic, emotional kind of guy. I tear up watching Facebook videos.  I love my wife and children more than words or deeds could ever express.  But our wedding day – oh my – it was such a blur that I vaguely remember anything about it! The stress level exceeded every expectation, but our photographer didn’t understand or help us through it. If anything, he ADDED to the stress by taking us away from our guests, telling us that if we didn’t follow his agenda we wouldn’t have nice memories of our day.  Well, we did as he asked and we did get some nice photos.  But the enjoyment sacrificed, the time we should have spent with our relatives, friends and guests, was forever lost.

Well, needless to say, Mary and I decided then and there that preserving the romance, emotion and enjoyment of the day would forever more be our top priority!  The next couple on our wedding calendar got a call that re-wrote their entire day, AND THEY LOVED IT!  Since that day, 30 years ago, 100’s of wedding couples have come to our studio and discovered the simple steps that need to happen to assure a wedding of epic fun, romance and enjoyment.

Why You Must Choose Your Photographer with Great Care:

How you approach your photography can make or break your wedding day! Believe me, it’s not about the photographs – It’s about your WEDDING! It’s about how you feel and how romantically enjoyable everything goes. You see, the last thing you want to miss is the moment your eyes meet, your first kiss, the love and joy of the wedding experience, that’s what’s important!  You don’t want to miss time with your special friends and relatives, some of whom traveled great distances just to be with you on your wedding day.  These times can’t be re-done!

A well chosen photographer can deliver a storybook wedding album filled with memories of the emotion, romance and love between a man and a woman, woven with professional portraits of you and your new spouse, your family and your closest friends.  AND let you enjoy your day and your friends!

Do you know that photographs have a magical ability to recall feelings that were experienced at the time an image was taken? Your wedding images will either kindle memories of a day of incredible stress, or a day of incredible beauty, romance and fun. Which do you want?  Unfortunately, many wedding couples end their day worn out and exhausted, simply because they let someone else define their day.

Here’s the Secret to Having a Wonderful Wedding and Wonderful Wedding Memories:

Trust me, this is bigger than you think:  Be absolutely sure that your day begins with a photographer who is an emotional story teller.  One who can feel the excitement and romance right along with you.  One who knows it’s all about you!  But why is finding someone like this so difficult?  Well, brace yourself, because that rabbit trail leads back to the first question most brides nearly ALWAYS ask:  “How much does it cost?”  Yep – at first appearances, it seems like that’s the most important question.  And now you know the reason for this web page!Dina and Tanner

The average photographer thinks that because the brides first question is about money, therefore money is the most important thing.  It’s sad that our culture promotes this way of thinking, because there are so many better questions you can ask.  Finding a way to blend beautiful portraiture with documentary story-telling will lead to a photographic memory wholly unique to you.  This is not an easy task – that is until now!  You will soon know exactly how to ask the RIGHT questions as you choose your photography coverage.  You’ll learn a new way to get everything you want without the stress normally associated with such a big event.

6 Photography Questions That Lead To A Stress Free Wedding Day:

Question #1. “How Can I Have The Best Portraiture Without The Stress?”  The only answer lies in the ability to capture the majority of classic portraits prior to the ceremony.  The best approach is to  have the bridal party and family arrive well before wedding ceremony.  Everyone has a chance to meet each other and enjoy wine and snacks while your photographer creates beautiful wedding portraits.  Later, when the ceremony begins, event photos can be captured without getting in the way, either by a special event photographer, or by friends or family members with quality cameras.

SheenQuestion # 2. “What’s Your Guarantee?”  What happens if you aren’t thrilled with your photography, or the way you and your friends were treated, or if the photographer didn’t bring the right equipment, or decided at the last minute to not show up?  Yes – it happens all the time!

Here’s our guarantee, so you’ll know what to look for:  “You will be THRILLED (not just ‘satisfied’) with how we represented you and your family at your wedding, and THRILLED with your photographs, or we will do whatever necessary to make it so. And if you think that we missed it, we will return ALL YOUR MONEY. Period. No hard feelings either. We want you to LOVE everything we do for you!”

That’s the type of guarantee that shows how confident your photographer feels about his/her work.

Question #3.  “How Do I Identify an EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER? – someone who can combine images that tell the EMOTIONAL STORY of your family, your friends, and your wedding day.

Here’s why this is so important! If an artist is an EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER, there’s a really good chance that he/she will be passionate about building the romance, beauty and emotion of your day. You see, only a true romantic can understand how important this day is to you, and how beautiful you want it to be.

Once a photographer was hiding behind the flowers near the altar during the exchange of vows, accidentally dropped a lens on the hard floor with a crash, and then swore so loud that everyone heard it! (AN EMOTIONAL STORY TELLER?  NOT!)

Another photographer is known as “the General” because of the way she demands that the bride and groom follow her every desire. She truly believes that she is the most important person at the wedding and directs every moment.

There are many photographers who simply don’t get it.  They show up in jeans and T-shirts rather than dressing as any other guest would dress.  Your wedding is a SPECIAL DAY and anyone with an emotional understanding will dress and act in a way that enhances your day, not distract from it.

Question #4. Is Your Photographer 100% Yours?  Many photographers try to cram as many weddings into a weekend as they can. This means that they must rush from wedding to wedding.  Doing your professional portraits prior to the wedding allows you to have other people extend your coverage as needed.  This also means that they will be energetic and enthusiastic about your day.  Yours is the ONLY event on their calendar!

Question #5. Do You Have More Than One Photographer?  The European way automatically gives you more than one perspective of your events.  You see, starting with a romantic portrait session with a portraitist, followed by an event photographer capturing the day, gives two unique perspectives that enhances the vision and creativity.  When these are melded together in a River Street Storybook Album, the result is a sweet compilation of your whole event.  Brandon Megan

 Question #6. Lastly, if a photographer you’re interviewing ever says something like this, it’s a big RED FLAG to keep looking!
“Your ring and your photographs are all you have after the wedding is over. Your flowers will be dead, your cake will be eaten, your dress is packed away, but you’ll have your photographs! They are the most important thing about your wedding!”

Say, “Thanks for your time.” and run for the door!

Why? Because they don’t get it!  They will try to make your day conform to their “plan”! Don’t let that happen! Because THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – the romance, the emotions, the relationships and the beauty of your ceremony are far more important!

The first time your groom sees you is the MOST EMOTIONAL MEMORY!
The relationships within your family are the MOST CHERISHED LEGACY!
The time you spend with your wedding party CAN NEVER BE REPLACED!

You see, if you and your new spouse, your family and your friends are being there for you, and capturing those memories is what the photography should be all about.  You will be more beautiful than you have even dreamed and your photographs will be awesome, simply because you were having such a wonderful day.

See how it all works together? The fabric of your wedding is woven together with beautiful, emotional moments between you and your loved ones, and your photographer needs to capture all those wonderful stories for you – and accomplish this while elevating the emotion and romance.  This is not a simple achievement, but it’s so critically important to have this rare ability!

Call us if you would like to know more.

Because of our busy studio, these days we photograph weddings in the European fashion, offering our services in creating beautiful portraits of the Bride, Groom, families and wedding party.  Then you’re free to assign another photographer or friend to follow you through the ceremony and reception.  That way you’ll have beautiful wedding portraits AND all the candids without the costs of a professional for the whole event.

This is only available on a limited basis, so call and ask about your date.  If we are able, there’s absolutely no cost or obligation to arrange a visit and chat about your plans.

And feel free to share this page with your friends – they will love you for it!


NOTE:  We do not refer specific photographers – it’s such an individual thing.
We recommend visiting the Professional Photographers of Washington
There you may find a qualified, experienced photographer who actually “gets it”.

It’s our sincere hope that this page has helped you prepare for one of the best days of your life!

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