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You will be thrilled with your images, not just satisfied. If the beauty of your portraits does not capture your heart, we will do whatever is necessary to make it so or refund every penny of your creation fee, no questions asked and no hard feelings. You deserve the best and we are committed to creating it for you.
How Can Beautiful Portraiture Enhance your Life and Home?

Look No Further – Here’s the Answer!


Dear web visitor,

How do you get a lifetime of enjoyment from the decor in your home?  Spend a few short minutes with us and you’ll get the lion’s share of Michael & Mary Thresher’s 30+ years of experience in providing home decor portraiture for thousands of happy clients.  River Street Photography may or may not be the right fit for you, but the information packed into this website will help you know exactly what to ask any photographer you contact.

Learn how to Quickly Identify The Right Photographer For You.

In searching the internet it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  So many photographers!  Perhaps you’re surfing the internet trying to decide who to choose?  Well, don’t worry, you’ve landed at the right place! 

Just Answer One Simple Question:

Here it is:  “How do you feel when your family is all together, with everyone relaxed and happy?”
Is your answer Love?  Peaceful?  Proud?  Satisfied?  Energetic?  Do they make your heart happy?
Those feelings should be yours when you gaze upon the portraits in your home!  Creative images, beautifully displayed in your home or office, ought to be the most fulfilling treasures you own, that they fill you with feelings of love and satisfaction.

MannYou’re probably saying, “But you obviously don’t know MY family!”  Not to worry!  We are here to share the secrets few people know – secrets that will insure a portrait that thrills you.  It’s all wrapped up in choosing the right photographer, one who can gently guide you in pursuit of this amazing feat.  A barrier to this, that you may have already encountered, is how little the average photographer’s web site tells you.  Most just want to show off a few of their “hit” photos and tell you how much they charge.  Either they don’t want you to know the secrets to amazing family portraiture, or it may be that they don’t know how to do it in the first place!

That’s why we have written a guide:

“The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Photographer.”


(If you’d rather just chat with us, we’re at 509-782-3554.  We would love to visit with you, no charge and no obligation.)

Whether you hire River Street Photography or not, our portrait guide will be emailed to you free of charge.  It reveals the questions to ask any photographer that quickly uncovers how they really work, and indicates whether you get a portrait you’ll treasure, or suffer a big disappointment.

And rest assured, your email address will never be used for anything other than us contacting you.
I know, it’s hard to believe, but honestly, we hate spam just as much as the next guy!

Just so you know, the core motivation for this report is to help you get the most amazing, the most flattering, the most emotional portrait you can imagine.  Few photographers have the know-how, experience or desire to make that happen, but you deserve find someone who does.


To get your Free Portrait Guide

just Click Here and send us an email asking for the free family portrait guide – no charge and no obligation.

By the way, here’s a sneak peek…

The #1 mistake people make when choosing their photographer:  Not asking about their guarantee.  Do they stand behind their work 100%, with a full money-back guarantee that you will not only be satisfied, but that you’ll be thrilled with your portraits!  If not, it’s the first red flag to warn you that they won’t (or don’t know how to) invest their heart and soul in serving you to your satisfaction.  Don’t miss the other 9 mistakes in the Portrait Guide!

Click the above link to get your free guide, or you can just call us.  We’d love to chat about your portrait needs: 509-782-3554

PS. You won’t find this guide ANYWHERE else on the internet (at least, legally).  Just send a quick email to get yours.

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What People Say:


“Our portrait on the wall in my home is a reflection of our life – a great memory of our 50th anniversary. We had a fun time, and Michael made those who were nervous at ease.” 

Judy & Gary Grams, Cashmere